Looking for this badge!

If you look closely at the photograph of the Amazon's Ladies Fire Brigade, you'll see the crew are wearing a badge (see left side of chest):

The Amazons Ladies Fire Brigade in dress inform c 1903. Courtesy: UNE Archives, Armidale
In 2006 a male ("Malcolm" using the now defunct email address billyray@pacific.net.au) made contact with an organiser associated with WIFF2006 to ask if we knew what the badge might be that he had in his possession. He emailed a photograph of the badge, and I identified it as  likely to be the badge worn by the Amazons Ladies Fire Brigade, and was dated 1903. Some time later I tried to make contact with Malcolm but his email address was no longer operating. If you ever come across this badge, please let me know - it is a rare historical artifact. I would love a proper photo of it - would love to see it for real!! - and to be able to share the information about it's whereabouts with this Blog and the UNE Armidale Archives.
The badge:

1903: With inscription on back: "K.E.A Smith" (one of the Schmutter women? name anglicized?? Initials are wrong though....)

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